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French Country Style Lighting Fixtures

French Country Style

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One of the most popular trends in interior design today is the French country style of decorating. This style works best in any type of home, from chalets to chateaux. The French country makes you think of bright sunlight and fields of lavender, and the design style is rustic and inviting. There are a number of contributing elements that make the perfect French country style home, but one thing that can make or break this design is the lighting. If you have the right French country lighting, it can truly pull a room together and make all the difference.


The style we refer to as French country was inspired by the elaborate décor found in the homes of the French aristocrats. To give the country homes of the upper-class a less formal feel, the traditional styles were softened, making the lines less rigid and the overall feel of the home more rustic. The overall result was a country house that was relaxed and inviting, while retaining many of the delicate features of the French influence. The French country style of decorating is a very eclectic mix of warm color and natural metals. The combination gives a welcoming, warm, old-world feel to a house, one that is inviting and visually stimulating.

With the increasing popularity of the French country style, there has been an increase in the types of lighting available to fit this design. 4 House Lighting offers a variety of French country style lighting to help complete the look of your home. Natural metals are a large part of this motif, and often bright blacks or dull grays help accentuate brightly colored walls and fabrics. The distressed or antique bronzes and the aged iron light fixtures 4 House Lighting offers would compliment a room done in the French country style. When decorating a room in this fashion, it is very important to incorporate natural metals into the French country style lighting and accessories.


There are so many lighting options available through 4 House Lighting that it is easy to pull together the French country look you have always wanted just by picking the perfect lights to fit your room. From wall sconces to chandeliers, pendant lights to pot racks, 4 House Lighting carries French country lighting from a number of collections, so you can pick the perfect style.



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